The Complete Cheat Sheet To Use Streamlabs Chatbot

How To Change Streamlabs Bot Name

streamlabs chatbot name

In the chat, this text line is then fired off as soon as a user enters the corresponding command. To add alerts to your Streamlabs Chatbot, go to the “Alerts” tab in the settings. You can then customize the text, sounds, and animations that will be displayed when an alert is triggered. The tools and unique software Streamlabs offers can integrate with any popular streaming platform. Streamlabs merch store allows streamers to customize different merchandise with personal logos and sell them while streaming. The full-stack, open-source software collection for live-streaming content on Discord, Facebook Games, Twitch, and YouTube also acts as the center.

A user can be tagged in a command response by including $username or $targetname. The $username option will tag the user that activated the command, whereas $targetname will tag a user that was mentioned when activating the command. You can tag a random user with Streamlabs Chatbot by including $randusername in the response. Streamlabs will source the random user out of your viewer list. Viewers can use the next song command to find out what requested song will play next.

Streamlabs Chatbot Extended Commands

For example, you can change the stream title and category or ban certain users. In this menu, you have the possibility to create different Streamlabs Chatbot Commands and then make them available to different groups of users. This way, your viewers can also use the full power of the chatbot and get information about your stream with different Streamlabs Chatbot Commands. If you’d like to learn more about Streamlabs Chatbot Commands, we recommend checking out this 60-page documentation from Streamlabs. Streamlabs chatbot is a chatbot software embedded within Streamlabs, which allows streamers or influencers to easily engage with users. Creators can interact with users, hold giveaways, play games, or send out virtually welcome messages.

  • Today we are excited to introduce a brand new feature for Streamlabs Ultra—the ability to customize the name of Cloudbot.
  • Bet you can’t find a lot of chatbots that do that Streamlabs is the only cloud-based chatbot that supports YouTube and Twitch at the same time.
  • Any Twitch name that you own can be used in the bot.
  • As a streamer, you always want to be building a community.
  • So that your viewers also have an influence on the songs played, the so-called Songrequest function can be integrated into your livestream.

Uptime commands are also recommended for 24-hour streams and subathons to show the progress. A hug command will allow a viewer to give a virtual hug to either a random viewer or a user of their choice. Streamlabs chatbot will tag both users in the response.

Choosing the Right Chatbot

To manage these giveaways in the best possible way, you can use the Streamlabs chatbot. Here you can easily create and manage raffles, sweepstakes, and giveaways. With a few clicks, the winners can be determined automatically generated, so that it comes to a fair draw. Create a Chatbot for WhatsApp, Website, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WordPress & Shopify with BotPenguin – 100% FREE! Our chatbot creator helps with lead generation, appointment booking, customer support, marketing automation, WhatsApp & Facebook Automation for businesses. AI-powered No-Code chatbot maker with live chat plugin & ChatGPT integration.

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The 7 Best Bots for Twitch Streamers.

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Now click “Add Command,” and an option to add your commands will appear. Next, head to your Twitch channel and mod Streamlabs by typing /mod Streamlabs in the chat. This is due to a connection issue between the bot and the site it streamlabs chatbot name needs to generate the token. Most likely one of the following settings was overlooked. You most likely connected the bot to the wrong channel. Yes, You have to keep the program open and connected for the bot to be in your channel.

Chatbot and Cloudbot

Songrequests not responding could be a few possible reasons, please check the following reasons first. This domain is successfully pointed at WP Engine, but is not configured for an account on our platform. Make sure you have the Alert Box open and go to your primary Twitch channel to test out your new bot name. By default, Twitch will ask you to authorize your primary account. To authorize your new bot account, click “not you? Navigate to the Name tab in the Cloudbot section of the dashboard.

  • Try out BotPenguin’s chatbot It can integrate with multiple software seamlessly and help save all the leads that could be lost otherwise.
  • In the world of livestreaming, it has become common practice to hold various raffles and giveaways for your community every now and then.
  • Shoutout — You or your moderators can use the shoutout command to offer a shoutout to other streamers you care about.
  • After downloading the file to a location you remember head over to the Scripts tab of the bot and press the import button in the top right corner.
  • The currency can then be collected by your viewers.

Your highly optimized bot features and data aren’t lost. Simply log into another desktop with your drive and restore all lost data within minutes, accessible from anywhere. Talking to a bot should not feel like talking to a bot. Streamlabs chatbot allows you to customize the name, appearance, and chat style according to your brand, helping you focus more on your stream and lesser on the interaction. Streamlabs chatbot is a game-changer in every sense of the word, taking your audience engagement to newer heights.

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The bot can make use of your Streamlabs Extension Currency for minigames, giveaways, sound effects, song requests, giveaways and much more. You’re probably here because you want to make a Twitch command. A cool little feature that spices up your video chat or, in my case, that of someone else.

streamlabs chatbot name

A lurk command can also let people know that they will be unresponsive in the chat for the time being. The added viewer is particularly important for smaller streamers and sharing your appreciation is always recommended. If you are a larger streamer you may want to skip the lurk command to prevent spam in your chat. Wins $mychannel has won $checkcount(!addwin) games today.

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